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Mobile App Testing

Mobile Application Testing Process

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We are surrounded by a dizzying plethora of mobile apps for every possible reason under the sun; free as well as paid. We download and install these without a second thought.

Mobile Application Testing Process

We give as little thought to deleting these if they do not perform as promised. One way to ensure that your users do not callously consign your app to the virtual dustbin is to ensure that a QA company tests your app thoroughly for stability, usability and performance. Not involving a software testing company at for their QA services may save money now, but cost you big in the longer term.

The step by step testing process of a QA testing company

Experts recommend the engagement of QA services at the nascent phase of an app’s development to oversee each phase, from concept creation to examining requirements to actual product release:

Step 1: At the planning stage, software testing services will examine what the aims and shortfalls of the app are. Testers will look at aspects such as interaction with other apps, feature functionality, network compatibility, size on device and impact of app on device speed. Front end and back end testing will be carried out as per requirement.

Step 2: Next, testing companies would examine security, performance, usability and functional aspects of a mobile app. Mobile testing on various devices and operating systems will identify how the app performs on different screen sizes and on the preferred device type of the app’s target audience.

Step 3: Testing services typically use manual testing as well as automation testing services such as real-devices for checking the functionally and feature of apps. Memory requirements, data specifications, speed of the app on a given device and how fast the app drains the device’s battery are other aspects that testers will examine. Testers will run all basic functionalities to ensure glitch free, seamless working of the app.

Step 4: The best QA company will typically use a combination of open source programmes such as Appium Automation as well as other licenced programmes to thoroughly examine all aspects of an app’s working.

Step 5: A vital phase of mobile app testing services is beta testing for a satisfactory user experience. Testers will maintain a cross platform matrix to ensure coverage. This phase includes testing for compatibility across devices and OS, and user interface issues such as navigation, default settings, bookmarks, history etc. Testers will also test how the app deals with network interruptions, incoming calls and how it interacts with other apps. After comprehensive mobile application testing, testers will determine whether the beta version of the app is ready for the market.

Step 6: Mobile test automation will also test the app’s actual performance and responsiveness on various networks and network speeds. App stability, device specific functions, notifications, updates, permissions required for installation, sign up requirements are aspects testers examine closely. Testers will examine the app’s performance, both online and offline.

Step 7: One of the last but important stages of mobile QA is the examination of privacy and security issues. An app’s encryption systems, provisions for storage of sensitive data, security certificates and network security protocols are other important aspects that testers will examine thoroughly. Testers will examine the app in a cloud setting and perform regression testing as required.

Finally the testing team will summarise their test findings and recommend tweaks or changes before final release of the app into the market. This type of comprehensive testing by a QA company has a strong bearing on how pleased a user will be with the end product. It is this that will determine whether your user likes your app and whether they are willing to concede space on their device to your product!


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