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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Mobile App Testing

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The world has gone digital and it’s set to stay this way for years. This means our world will go through constant digital evolution to fit the mold that the current digital landscape is shaping. With that being said, tech companies and leaders are continuously creating smartphone and mobile apps developments to help build a strong digital society. 

Because of the digital boom, many startup companies are emerging to build successful and effective mobile apps. These apps are often focused on consumer behavior and issues that will help target their market’s needs. However, even with a positive mindset about mobile app development and testing, many believe in various misconceptions. 

Sadly, for startups and small businesses in the early stages of their mobile app development, believing these myths can result in adverse consequences. With that being said, it’s always best to work with a team of professionals and partner up with mobile testing companies to ensure that your app is perfect and with the right strategy. 

Today, we’ll be focusing on the various myths surrounding mobile app testing. By being aware of these misconceptions, you’ll get to create a compelling and successful mobile app that focuses on what matters. Taking this all into account can help your app flourish in a saturated digital space. 

Myth #1: Testing With Emulators is Enough

Emulators are useful in the early stages of app development, but unfortunately, these won’t bring value to your app regarding qualitative measurements. This is because emulators don’t contain hardware that could analyze your app’s performance, giving you inaccurate results during testing. 

Since there isn’t anyone who uses emulators to use apps, what’s the use of testing your mobile app with emulators in the first place? It’s best to use real devices that could give you better results. 

Myth #2: Using 10 to 20 Devices Can Represent the whole Android Market

You need to remember that the Android market is big — this means that different developers use various OEMs, chipsets, screen sizes, resolutions, and more. With that being said, testing your mobile app on a few devices won’t make the cut and will give you inaccurate data.

When you work with a mobile app testing company, you’ll get to run tests on different types of Android devices, allowing you to understand the end-user experience more. Besides that, when you test your devices in a larger market, you’ll get better coverage as well. 

Myth #3: You Can Only Start Mobile Testing After App Development

Perhaps the biggest misconception about mobile testing is that people think mobile testing can only happen after the app has been developed. But in reality, mobile testing should work hand in hand during development to help minimize errors and reports. 

When you fail to conduct testing during the development phase, this could lead to high costs and delays, which could be detrimental to your app project. 

The Bottom Line: Mobile Testing is Crucial to Your Mobile Apps Success

These are only a few of the other myths surrounding mobile app testing. But knowing these misconceptions can help save your mobile app development and help your business reach success. 

So, whether you’re creating a mobile app for internal purposes or you’re creating one for a larger market, working with a mobile app testing company can help mold your app to help fit the digital landscape. 

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