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Tips on Creating an Invincible Mobile Performance Testing Strategy

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Tips on Creating an Invincible Mobile Performance Testing Strategy Codoid Blog
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A strategy is the first step towards implementing an action plan, and mobile performance testing is no different. Any top quality software testing company will share an effective and efficient mobile performance testing strategy prior to moving forward with the actual testing.

Mobile Performance Testing

It is our endeavor to take you through some tips for creating such an invincible testing strategy. We begin with some of the challenges in mobile testing, since without understanding what could possibly cause failure, it is not possible to create an action plan to overcome them.

Possible Challenges in Mobile Testing

To start with, identify the target audience / market for where your app would be most used. It would be a lot easier to identify possible challenges based on the information of the particular target group. A good Software testing services / QA services company would be able to help you determine the target audience and the possible challenges.

What seems to be one of the greatest challenges is the rapid increase in the number of Android devices, leading to varied screen sizes and operating systems. While Apple has fewer mobile devices, fragmentation exists in these as well. Compounding the problem is the mobility of users, varied user networks, and localization – all challenges standing in the way of mobile testing. For companies who may have recently released a mobile app of their business to complement their websites, ensuring the quality in terms of user experience, becomes of prime importance. Surveys reveal that consumers expect sites to load on their mobile devices at the same speed as their laptop or desktop. Load testing services from a top class performance testing company would be critical to protect the brand image of your company/business.

The Mobile Performance Testing Strategy

Device Selection This must be restricted to the target market – devices that are widely used in this segment based on screen size and the operating versions of Androids. Based on this information, some number of most relevant devices could be selected.

Testing on Real Device or Device Emulators Post choosing the market to test in and devices to test on it would be necessary to decide whether to test on real devices or on mobile device emulators. It would make sense to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Connectivity of the Network Used A proper network connection is necessary for most apps to run smoothly, but it is not feasible or possible to test mobile apps on each network. In addition, roaming to various locations within the country and outside could also affect the working of the app, and hence the app owners would need to travel around to ascertain the functioning of their app. Instead, choose a performance testing services company that would use cloud testing, and would use both manual and automated testing in conjunction.

Testing for Performance This is essential since storage capacity in mobile devices is limited, and users can buy extra storage for minimal amounts. However, not all mobile devices have the capacity to expand storage, and depending upon the content stored by the user, the functioning of apps can be adversely affected. An expert QA testing firm, would run various tests – load, stress, endurance, spike and security – to ensure optimal performance of the apps.

User Interface Testing (UI) This type of testing will determine how well the app works, whether it is easy to use, and whether it meets the expectations of the users. UI testing identifies bugs and errors.


To emerge victorious and to ensure seamless mobile device performance testing, it is necessary to remain consistently aware of the challenges, in order to create an invincible mobile performance strategy. Connect with us to accelerate the performance of your business mobile applications – both new and old.


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