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Building a Quality QA Test Team

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Building a Quality QA Test Team Codoid Blog
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A quality QA test team is a crucial component for an organization aiming at a successful software testing project. Before starting the testing process, an organization should carefully consider the skills of the people responsible for performing the tests.

Building a high-performing QA test team can be an overwhelming task for a project manager because it involves the judicious selection of testers with proficient testing skills. Some basic guidelines have been listed below to help managers succeed in building a quality QA test team– not an exhaustive list.

Building a Quality QA Test Team

Focus on the Objectives of the QA program

The fundamental aspect that a QA company needs to consider while building a good testing team is laser focus on the key goals of the QA program of the organization. The QA Manager must analyze the limitations in the existing testing strategy and uncover the problem areas. Based on the analysis of the current testing strategy, the manager would be better equipped to build a dynamic test team that has a clear vision and works in accordance with the management guidelines.

Learn about the Product and Development Process of the Organization

With the aim of forming a robust and productive QA test team, the manager should first have complete knowledge about the organization’s product and its development process. It would be imperative for the manager to delve into the techniques and tools used by software development and testing teams, the level of communication between the teams, and the gaps in the current testing process. In addition, the manager must also investigate whether the organization has a defect tracking mechanism in place and whether QA is aligned with the business.

Recruit Testers Prudently

After an insight into the business goals, product, and development process, the manager should recruit testers wisely. The individual roles of testers should be meticulously outlined in order to gauge the technical capabilities of the new testers against the specific positions within the testing team.

Hire Software Testers

While ensuring that the testers have the skills required for a project, the manager must also evaluate the interpersonal traits of the testers and their expertise in agile testing tools.

Assign Roles to Testers according to Their Skills

QA companies can build a well-balanced testing team if they assign roles to testers in accordance with their skills. Ideally, a good QA test team should have veteran testers as well as fresh/new testers who are abreast with latest testing methods and approaches. The manager should carefully assess the individual capabilities of testers and appoint a team leader. Besides the official leader, the team should also have an unofficial subordinate team leader and other team members who may be experts at scripting, documentation, reporting of bugs, or use of different tools.

Clarify the Daily Tasks of Testers

A meticulous practice that is generally followed by the best QA companies is that all the members of the testing team are fully aware of their daily responsibilities when they work on a particular project. The manager would need to explain the daily tasks to the testers and discuss their respective roles in the test team before proceeding with the project. Hence, the testers know from the start what the management expects from them, and would make every attempt deliver the desired outcomes.

Lead from the Front

It is extremely crucial for a quality QA test team to have a capable and supportive manager who can lead the team from the front. A good leader should inform the team about the expectations from the testing process, and repose trust in the team members when they take individual decisions linked to the execution of their tasks. The manager should assist the testers in working as a consistent and cohesive unit that believes in collaboration and empowerment for the overall success of the testing effort.

Encourage Testers to Work Smarter

Top QA companies persuade their testers to work smarter in order to surpass their KPIs and previous goals. It is the responsibility of the manager to help the testing team evolve and deliver excellent performance metrics. The manager must conduct meetings with the team members to gain regular feedback on the testing process and address the problems with targeted solutions. A properly structured QA test team can enable an organization to utilize its testing budget appropriately and improve the quality of its product.

In Conclusion:

Managers can build a quality QA test team by selecting the right mix of testers with experience and expertise required for carrying out a testing project. In a successful QA team, all the members contribute productively to the testing process in a united and cooperative manner, showing trust in and respect for one another. A top-notch QA test team comprises a competent manager and powerhouse testers committed to excellence and to the success of the testing project. This is what our team encompasses – connect with us to work with the best.


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