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Regression Testing

Using In-Sprint Automation to Speed up Regression Testing

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Using In-Sprint Automation to Speed up Regression Testing - Blog
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Customer expectations are rising and become increasingly stringent as technology improves and apps become better, and companies have no choice but to comply. The reality of software testing too, therefore, is evolving to match pace, becoming exceedingly speedier and smarter. Testing has moved from the post-development stage testing of the Waterfall Model to the more responsive and frequent Agile and DevOps methods.

Speed up Regression Testing

At Codoid, even though we have come a long way in the realm of software testing, we constantly endeavor to get better by looking at tools and building proofs of concept. Companies usually embark on user interface automation projects given the fact that regression testing is cumbersome and extremely time intensive. There are so many steps involved when a new product is being developed – time to develop new features, testers work on the new code and uncover and resolve any bugs, and continue with some investigation to ensure that the new code works as intended without any hidden problems. This last portion is regression testing and usually, testers either go through it meticulously meaning long hours of effort or cut it short for lack of time, which could have disastrous results. This is why as a Regresstion Testing Services company we believe that regression testing must be automated in order to alleviate the problem of time, and in-sprint test automation is the answer.

In-sprint test automation simply put is when the complete process of testing – creation, implementation, execution, and reporting – all happens in a single run/sprint. As an expert Automation Testing Company, we know that there are several reasons why some believe that in-sprint automation, does not work, however, we provide ways that would ensure it works very well to speed up regression testing.

Checking the code early within the sprint This is the job of developers and is an important method to ensure that in-sprint automation is possible and works well, and is not a step that should be overlooked. Unfortunately, this is a neglected step with most stakeholders testing only when they ‘hit a bump’, and not focusing on the actual cause of the problem. We at Codoid understand the importance of checking early since it is imperative to provide enough time for testing and investigating previous versions. It is a critical mistake to cram all testing towards the end when all features are complete. As a company with experts in the realm of automation testing services, we understand how important it is to deploy code early on in a test environment and within the sprint. This ensures that testers can begin scripting automated tests, and are able to continuously build features and tests as an increasing number of features are installed.

Development Scrum Teams Must Include Automation Experts When setting up regression testing suites, most often automation engineers are on a separate team. This is an incorrect manner to approach in-sprint automation if the focus is to speed up regression testing. If automation experts are part of the development scrum team, they would be able to demonstrate better ways to run automated tests and within the sprint, while ensuring that every stakeholder understands that test automation is an indispensable part of the sprint.

Consistently and Adequately Trained Automation Engineers As a leading test automation company all our teams including testers and automation engineers receive periodic and relevant training. This ensures that our team members understand even the most complex requirements, which ensures that in-sprint automation is successful each time. It is important also that automation engineers are proficient not just in testing processes, but also can easily write high-quality code. It is our belief, and one that has helped us remain as forerunners in the realm of software testing, that automation engineers must be multi-skilled and possess knowledge of various functions. In our experience, automation engineers who are top of their class will be extremely deft, smart enough to write top-quality tests with matching automation features, and still manage to match pace with swift agile development. The reason we at Codoid have consistently succeeded at in-sprint automation is that we employ automation engineers and manual testers, and do not expect either to be the backup of the other. Manual testers have a specific role and are not always equipped with programming skills that are essential to write tests and specify testing components. The very premise of in-sprint automation is speed and without requisite skills, this would not be achievable.

Well Written Test Cases This means that test cases should be precise, explanatory, and short – meaning that each test should verify only one feature while elucidating the exact steps the test would accomplish. Maintaining clarity with regard to steps and possible results is essential since the process of writing test cases becomes less time-consuming and clearly written tests would ensure that automation engineers are able to at first glance ascertain what the test is expected to verify. At Codoid we ensure that to provide top-level in-sprint automation testing services, our automation engineers are involved in the test case process such that they would be well-equipped to write the best-in-class automation. In addition, this makes the automated testing processes a primary focus, and is ticked off as a done item.

In Conclusion We understand that in-sprint is a hard task, but it certainly can be mastered, if you have best practices and an expert team to manage every aspect. Becoming an expert at in-sprint automation is not an overnight process but is achieved by consistent training, dedication, the appropriate actions, and focus on the right tasks. Connect with us to gain all these advantages for your projects – we are a team dedicated to your success.


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