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Building a Great Product – Developers vs. Testers

The software development lifecycle process has gone through a massive change over the last couple of years, and developers today are considered the superheroes.

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Nowadays, everything is becoming software-defined, and the focus is on developing better products faster. When you push for faster development, there is a shift in quality, and you may end up with products that lag or have bugs in them. In a world motivated by technology, reliable quality, and security assurance is vital to beat the competition. The software development lifecycle process has gone through a massive change over the last couple of years, and developers today are considered the superheroes.

The best QA Companies will develop applications or websites using the latest technologies to make end-users life more comfortable. Developers are highly invested in creating products, not just creating code. They try to develop products that induce value into the lives of end-users. Many companies are perplexed with this question “Are great software products created due to applicative developers or theoretical testers?”. The development of a great product, whether an app or website, calls for a group of talented individuals collaborative efforts. It is vital that development and testing be kept at the forefront, and it must define the end-user needs. Great user experience will impact marketing and result in positive sales figures.

If we take a look at the changes in the software development landscape, we will realize there is a real need for better apps/websites to be launched in the least time possible. The adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies is to speed up processes and precisely align with business goals. Constantly evolving consumer demands have forced businesses to release software products quicker. Companies can measure their success directly proportional to their ability to release software updates. Development teams are always pressured to perfect software and its incremental updates.

Your consumer base is more used to digital experiences, and they expect better connectivity and code quality. Developers are expected to create smarter apps that include the latest technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Personal Assistants (PA). These have the potential to transform workplaces and make daily tasks easier. Your developers need to know what the target audience wants and how the application can fulfill this demand. To create code that makes a difference in end-user life is the key here. Since products are designed to be more comfortable to use, they have become harder to build, and developers focus on code that has interlinked parts that render themselves for iterations with ease. Make sure your developers are abreast of the latest technological and business trends so that they can create the best products which will survive the intensity of today’s competitive marketplace.

Developers are given more importance while delivering timely software or updates, and the role of testers have simultaneously evolved. To beat the competition, the focus on testing software has become a must-have and no longer remains as an exercise at the end-of-development. To bring a competitive advantage to testing DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD) should be integrated into the development process for faster deployment. The speed of testing should meet the pace of development to be able to release products and updates on time. Testing should be a continuous process throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to be able to catch bugs early and fix them, thereby reducing costs to the company.

While developers are crucial to proper software development, your testers are the ones who decide the real strength of your software. A good Software Testing Services Company will identify various ways to break down your software product so that there is end-user satisfaction. QA testers use test automation and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the entire testing process simplified and faster. Any broken code found during the testing phase needs to be addressed immediately to prevent negative product performance and remove product vulnerabilities. Testers are thus the superstars who dare to rise to the occasion and elevate the barometer of the quality of your software product.

Both roles, developers and testers, work towards the same goal of creating quality software products that beat the competition in terms of functionality, ease of usage, and relevance. Although, new development methodologies like DevOps intertwine these two roles and today developers and testers no longer function isolated but work together in achieving the set goals of the company. Do you have a great development team? Are you looking for an equally strong testing team? Let Codoid, one of the top QA Companies , be your partner while you wage a software war against your competitors. Developers and testers are superheroes fighting the same quality war in the software universe. Despite their differences, developers (Thor) and testers(Ironman) were equally needed as they belonged to the same team. Battles are won when you fight for the same side.


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