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Ramp up the Speed of Software Testing Cycles

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In today’s competitive world, speed is the underlying premise whether customers are looking to receive their ordered goods faster, companies want to scale their teams or boost the quality of work in the shortest time possible, and a Software testing company would want to help your business to ramp up the speed of the testing cycles to the optimum. With the right QA company, your business would gain the best QA strategy enabling accelerated business growth. Let us look at what would help to ramp up the speed and efficiency of software testing cycles.

Reusable and Editable Testing Suites

The same activity flows in several test cases can be reused and recycled even in smaller test suites. Editable and reusable (modular) test cases ensure accuracy of the suite in a much shorter time frame.

Track each Code Modification

Software developers use version control or the management of changes to “documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information”(Wikipedia) and given its advantages, it would be highly effective for QA testing too. Testers would be able to control test cases and the quality of code in a superlative manner. With a good outsourced QA company, you would not need to worry about this aspect.

Software Testing Cycles

Early on Functional Testing

Tests must be written immediately when a new feature is brought in, with functional tests being run. This will ensure shorter development cycles and dramatic reduction in errors / bugs during production. A frontrunner software testing company will understand and use the shift left approach effectively.

Critical to Integrate Testing with Other Tools

The highly experienced teams of a top QA company would be able to quickly remove silos existing between QA and development. Integrating tools of processes and development would not only simplify testing but would also reduce the risk of any bugs / errors being overlooked.

Align Quality Goals with QA Strategy

The best QA Company would know that testing everything all the time is not necessarily always the ideal approach. Oversized test suites are not only cumbersome to manage, but results are usually variable and erratic, not resulting in the quality of software that a business may need. Using best practices to conceive the optimum QA strategy would be the best approach.

Determine Quality using the Best Standards of Measurement

What cannot / is not measured cannot be improved – a top management rule. Measuring the effectiveness of the QA testing process will ensure that testing stays on track, and the team is able to monitor progress regularly. This saves time and effort in correcting errors and ensures that each team member remains cognizant of the efficacy of the strategy. Any venture is only as successful as the people working on it, and hence a cohesive strategy would mean a team that communicates effectively.

While these may be some of the top tips that enhance the speed of software testing cycles, it is not an exhaustive list. There are several other factors too that affect this process. Remaining organized and streamlining tests may seem simple, but this is usually overlooked. It would be essential to practice good management methods for testing, maintaining data accuracy, and ensuring that automation reports are consistently updated. These simple methods will ensure continuity and even if the team members change, the tests would still be easily run when required. While automation definitely speeds up testing, a top QA testing team will know when to automate and which test cases to automate. This prevents time wastage, which otherwise could prove to be a terrifying experience for testers.

In Conclusion

Understanding the hacks to ramp up the speed of software testing, is all about finding a fine balance between existing systems and tools, with new tools, speed and accuracy. Speedier test automation does not mean that the existing systems would become obsolete. Connect with us to understand how easily and with precision we are able to manage this consistently – for your business too.


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