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Reasons to Choose a Career in Software Testing

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Software testing is usually not the first career choice since it has somewhat of a dull reputation. A software testing career is not associated with being rewarding, challenging, fun, or even paying well – but this is far removed from the truth.

Choose a Career in Software Testing

Ask any top quality software testers, and they will tell you that they would not change their software testing job for anything. We give you some exhilarating reasons for why you should think about a software testing career. Software testing is not for everyone, and only if you recognize the reasons below as important, should you move ahead.

It is an important role, despite the seemingly low recognition for the job. Businesses would find it hard to exist without software testers since they would be unable to produce quality products. With substandard products, rife with bugs, the reputation of companies would be damaged, customers would be unhappy, and businesses would become obsolete.

The software testing job is certainly no mean task – challenging to deal with consistent and new problems and issues daily. Those seeking mundane desk jobs must not pursue a software testing career – it is for those who relish a challenge and enjoy finding new solutions for problems and issues.

Choose a Career in Software Testing

As a software tester you will find your creativity and innovativeness on the rise. It takes drive and ingenuity to think of solutions for regularly occurring problems, in order to fit the particular project and client. It is the job of a software tester to provide solutions that no one else may conceive – this is what makes the job exciting.

Completely driven by data is the quintessence of a software tester job. The technical knowledge and deep understanding of computer science is important to grasp the working of the many different kinds of software today. A keen interest in data, product trends, and an analytical mind are key assets of a software tester.

The chances to learn are immense and constant since the job of coding, automation, security testing and more can never be static. When you work with experts in your team, there is never dearth of opportunities to grow, improve, learn new skills, and put your knowledge to practice.

Finding bugs / errors where no one expected to find them, is a hugely rewarding and immensely satisfying experience. This is not something that everyone can master – only someone with an eye for detail, an eagerness for near perfect software, and the ability to conceive easy to implement solutions for complex problems, should take up a software tester career. Being a highly specialized skill, not everyone can be a software tester – someone with interest and knowledge of user interface and user experience practices, design and development trends, good communication and analytical skills are essential. Is that you?

The world is moving faster towards increasing digitization, applications, and online transactions. This simply means that software testing is and will remain a high growth, well paying, and in demand career. All business types need good systems and software, there are several top quality software testing firms that seek talent, ensuring that finding a software tester job and growing in the job, will not be hard.

A software tester’s role is not limited to any particular industry and there are multiple routes for this job. Software testers can specialize in any type / several types of testing – manual, automated, performance, and many more, and find jobs across industries and businesses. The wide scope of this role makes it a rewarding experience, as does the feeling that you consistently contribute to building better products and helping companies grow and remain successful. The impact of a highly accomplished software tester is visible every day and in every aspect of a project.

Additionally, if you do pride yourself with organization, time management, a top notch can do attitude, and passion to excel in this field, you can become an exceedingly successful software tester, with immense opportunities to grow.

In Conclusion

While we have mentioned some of the skills required for a software tester career, you do not necessarily need to possess them – they can be easily learned if you do have passion and interest. Making a career choice is about choosing direction for your professional life and not just something you do to make a living. We urge you to weigh the pros and cons of this career option, and make an informed choice. If you do have any doubts or would like to know more, our team of experts would be happy to speak with you. Connect with us for your software testing questions.


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