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Test Case Management in Jira

If you are managing test cases outside Jira, it will be a cumbersome task to share test results to your team.

Test Case Management in Jira
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Test Case Management in Jira eases Software quality assurance activities during sprint. Nowadays, we almost have all the required project management functions in Jira. If you are managing test cases outside Jira, it will be a cumbersome task to share test results to your team. Even if you share the results in Excel format in attachment section in a Jira ticket, it will not provide the following flexibility – aligning test executions in test cycles for selected release and tracking software testing metrics for each sprint.


  • If you are updating a test step status in local excel sheet, your team cannot view the test result as and when it is needed.
  • Managing test cases and test executions in a separate tool. Consider, you are using a test case management tool which does not have Jira integration, then it will be a tough time for your team to link and communicate the defects in Jira.
  • Creating and organizing test plans. If Jira is used for project management, then publishing the test plan in Jira project should be the right choice. Once the test manager creates the plan, it needs to be shared to the entire team.

Jira Plugins

There are many modern Jira plugins available for test case management in Jira. Let’s review them one by one.

Zephyr it is a well known plugin for test case management in Jira. You can create test cases, test cycles, and track QA metrics using Zephyr. If you have automation test scripts, then you can update test cases status in Zephyr by calling its endpoints. We, as a software testing company, use Zephyr for multiple testing projects.

Xray You can manage all your Tests as Jira issues using Xray. If you want to write Gherkin Scenarios in Jira, then you can specify and integrate with test automation frameworks.

synapseRT This is a suitable plugin for waterfall model or an independent testing project. You can trace all the way from requirements to bugs. Also, manage requirement versioning & baselining and organize Test Cases in a Tree Format with the help of Test Suites.

Test Management The Test Management plugin is another tool supported by Jira. It has similar components to those of synapseRT and Zephyr, and facilitates test case creation and managing test cases using the different test suites.

TM4J TM4J is a QA & Test Management app for Jira. You can manage your test assets in single repository for quick access and reduced redundancy and reuse test cases across your projects, releases and sprints for regression.

TestFLO The most flexible test management plugin for Jira. Requirements testing, test case management and test reporting directly in Jira.

Test Collab You can quickly manage test cases from Test Collab, assign test executions, maintain Many-to-Many relationship Jira using Test Collab.

QMetry QMetry Test Management for Jira – the best test management app in Jira helps make Jira a full ALM solution covering from requirements management, project management to test management.

TestRail The top selling and modern test management tool to efficiently run your QA & testing efforts. Used by teams at companies such as Atlassian, Apple, Microsoft & Amazon, TestRail is a great choice for teams of all sizes. To use this plugin, you need TestRail account.

PractiTest It is a free for PractiTest users. You can report bugs directly to Jira from PractiTest with reproduction steps.

In Conclusion:

As a software testing services company, writing quality test cases and managing them effectively is vital role to provide high-quality QA services. Organizing & managing test cases in Jira enables better collaboration among testers and developers. Contact Us for your software testing needs.


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