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The Main Rules of Scrum by Mike Cohn

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The Main Rules of Scrum by Mike Cohn Codoid Blog
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In this article, we would like to list the main rules of Scrum which are written by Mike Cohn in User Stories Applied For Agile Software Development book.

Rules of Scrum
rules of scrum

A sprint planning meeting is held at the start of each sprint.

sprint demo

Each sprint must deliver working and fully tested code that demonstrates something of value to end-users or the customer.

product backlog

The product owner prioritizes the product backlog and it may be added to or reprioritized at anytime.

sprint backlog

The team collectively selects the amount of work brought into the sprint. Once a sprint begins, only the team may add to the sprint backlog.

scrum meeting

A short scrum meeting is held every day. Each project participant answers: What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? What obstacles are in your way?

scrum meeting

The result of a sprint is demonstrated at a sprint review meeting at the end of the sprint. No slideshows are allowed. No more than two hours may be spent preparing for the sprint review.


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