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The Top Software Outsourcing Trends for 2019

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The Top Software Outsourcing Trends for 2019 - Blog
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It is the age of digitization, which therefore means that most businesses would use software applications – for automating internal processes to swiftly elevating customer service and experience standards. Software applications today thus are core to and drive businesses across industries. However, all businesses / companies may not have internal capability of testing and managing software, and would need to outsource this critical task. The good news is that there are top QA testing companies that can safely help businesses, making QA outsourcing a business altering idea. Despite a long list of software testing companies in USA and India, companies may still be hesitant to outsource this critical task, which is what makes different – we have steadily earned the trust of companies and business across industries.

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be a rise in software / IT outsourcing in the years come. Research and reports show that businesses will increasingly outsource various business services to specialists. While the expected changes to technology might still not be clear,

Software Outsourcing

there is enough evidence to prove that IT / Software outsourcing will be a game changer in 2019, and QA testing companies that can keep pace with the numerous changes and new technologies, will dominate this industry.

Knowing which software technology to outsource could be overwhelming and confusing, which is the reason for this guide that looks at the major outsourcing trends for 2019, and our knowledge and expertise in all the areas makes us a frontrunner in this realm.

Cyber Security For businesses to remain competitive, a digital presence is of essence, which therefore leaves all such businesses vulnerable to cybercrime. Studies show that organizations have experienced cyber-attacks in some form or another, in the current year (2018).

Test Automation Services

What needs to be understood is that automated software is being used to target poorly maintained networks and computer systems. It becomes obvious then that in the global software outsourcing trends, cyber security is set to dominate. We understand that this is a top capability requirement today,

which is why we have built it in order to remain the go-to software outsourcing company. We are experts in managing authentication issues, data storage and prevention of data leakage.

Artificial Intelligence A continuous testing platform powered by AI helps testers recognize any changed controls more efficiently and swiftly. Through AI, the constant algorithm updates ensure that the minutest change would be easily discernible. As a software testing company we are experts in using AI during the process of scanning and test execution, to identify controls independent of the features of a control i.e. text alignment, color, size, and others. Simply put, we use AI to help us meet and beat the challenges thrust upon us, by hastening the speed of delivery coupled with accelerated technical intricacy. In the world of AI, the business outsourcing trends for 2019 would encompass use of robotics and chatbots when offering service to clients. The purpose is to provide all time support to people and positively impact their daily lives.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Industry experts believe that amongst the top software outsourcing trends in 2019, progressive web apps will be foremost. PWA is already part of the browser development versions in both Google and Microsoft – the software giants today. The cost of PWAs is low and companies in the realm of e-commerce, banking and health would speedily adopt PWA based software. Obviously your company would seek to create new software for your organization, and it makes sense to follow the outsourcing trends and work with the most adept.

Blockchain Technology Testing blockchain enhances and maximizes test coverage, while reducing risks owing to insufficient knowledge, which could negatively affect the development process of software.

Blockchain testing is very different to testing required for traditional applications, including heuristics it also involves the understanding of app behavior when ‘affected’ by outside events. It also helps to understand whether users will be able to run the transactions, and whether the transactions would support the cost required to maintain the application.

Low code Development Touted as amongst the top outsourcing trends in 2019, low code development needs expert handling as this process aims at automating as much as coding as possible. There are number of advantages even for companies low on cash, but need elevated levels of agility and risk management.

Cloud Based Testing Cloud is now the ‘favorite’ of IT specialists and industries. It is no surprise then that the focus is shifting to cloud based testing, which has proven helpful for testers to reduce the cost of testing. With cloud testing, companies are able to direct their funds towards reducing operational costs, increasing automation, and benefit in ways that were lacking in earlier methods.

In Conclusion: The trends as mentioned above indicate a promising year for software outsourcing, and there will be a lot more transparency and trust in working with outsourced partners, but only those who would display agility, speed, and help clients gain an edge over competition. At Codoid we understand the importance of interdependence and collaboration – the core of IT / Software outsourcing associations.

To beat competition and stay ahead in the realm, we as software testers and quality assurance professionals constantly remain abreast with the latest current and future trends in testing. The realm of software testing is growing and changing at a mind-boggling pace, and the only way to remain invulnerable to disruptions is by staying ‘attuned to the future’ and doing so now. Adopting a digital mindset and leveraging the advances tools and methods, businesses and testers will be able to focus their time and attention to gain the requisite skills and tools in order to be ‘future ready’.


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