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What is Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)?

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What is Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)
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It is a framework where all testing is maintained in a centralized service and shared across the company. Testing Center of Excellence helps standardize test processes and utilize resources optimally for test purposes. The creation of a TCoE means a company is committed to software quality and realizes that they focus too much on documentation rather than collaboration and on cost-cutting over improving quality and reducing risk. Transitioning into TCoE is a journey, and testing teams are always under pressure to reduce development time without compromising quality.

Testing Center of Excellence

Traditional methods of quality assurance cannot keep up with the challenges in consistently delivering software that is time-bound, robust, and efficient. Due to this, more companies are leaning towards the idea of establishing a centralized testing service. Does your business need a TCoE? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the following criteria, then it’s time to consider one.

Your QA aligns with the project rather than the company goals. When a centralized testing framework doesn’t exist, testing teams report to individuals. TCoE consolidates all testing functions so that testers can operate towards a common goal, aligned with the mission and vision of the company. Thus the QA team becomes more efficient.

There is limited cross-project visibility due to which resource utilization isn’t optimal under a traditional QA set up. With TCoE, testing resources are organized on the lines of technology and as per their core skills. This aids in finding candidates with desired technical and domain skills and effectively deploying such resources across projects.

Your current QA process is not transparent, and you are not sure how much ROI you are getting out of it. TCoE efficiently tracks how much a company has invested in testing or the returns it has generated. It introduces metric-based monitoring, which measures the success of the QA process in terms of defect slippage, test coverage, effort, effectiveness, etc.

If you’re looking to reduce your testing time without compromising on quality, then invest in TCoE. You can achieve useful QA with standard tools and frameworks, resulting in a more efficient test cycle. That’s why companies with TCoE show an average reduction in time and costs of up to 30% in the testing cycle.

There is no existing standard QA process. Sharing of practices, tools, and automation opportunities across teams within the company is non-existent. TCoE standardizes testing processes across company levels and sets guidelines for test planning, scripts, and execution. It leads to a shorter learning curve and eliminates confusion arising from variations in testing across projects.

Your current projects struggled with problems like leakage defects and missed deliveries. But with TCoE, companies can achieve up to 50-70% level of automation in testing and limit defect leakage to less than 2%.

Your company is not aware of new trends in testing or emerging technologies, and you do not possess the framework necessary to test them. A TCoE structure enables your QA team to be more business-oriented and in sync with new technologies and trends in testing and gives your company a competitive edge to respond quickly to new business opportunities and alliances.

In Conclusion:

Even if the concept of TCoE doesn’t appeal to you, we urge you to reconsider because companies that have adopted it have reported an average cost reduction of 35% over three years. If your QA is more agile then it will help you establish a continuous improvement process driven by metrics. Setting up a TCoE does require the support and commitment of the top management along with system changes, but you can always choose to partner with a software testing services company like Codoid .

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