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Why Agile Testers Attitude Matters A Lot

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Why Agile Testers Attitude Matters A Lot - Blog
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One day my six months baby woke up and started crying in the cradle. I heard the cry and started swinging the cradle.

After swinging 5-10 minutes, he did not stop crying. Then I started talking and smiling at him. He suddenly stopped crying. A cry is a signal from a baby. I reacted with a positive attitude.

Even for a baby, attitude matters a lot.

“Testers advocate for quality on behalf of the customer and assist the development team in delivering the maximum business value. Skills are important, but attitude counts more.”- Lisa Crispin

When I first started working in an agile team as a remote team member from India. I made the following mistakes.

  • Not providing feedback for continual improvement in the retrospective meeting.
  • I did not collaborate effectively with the developers and the stakeholders.
  • I thought only about automation tests since I was passionate about it and was poor in detecting issues while performing exploratory testing.
  • I was not interested in discussing manual testing.
  • Afraid to speak boldly in meetings.
  • Everyone in the team was enjoying their work and collaborating well except me. However, I maintained the automated scripts very well.

    You may ask why the team retained me because my profile is well known for automation testing.

    One fine day I was caught by an agile coach. He found the problem and advised me.

    The advice is “You have got good skills. Creating robust automated regression tests is just a skill. Change your mindset. You are here to produce high-quality e-Learning product and drive development with effective collaboration.”

    That conversation with the agile coach helped me a lot. The entire team started helping me.

    I changed my mindset to work as an agile tester.

    Agile Testers

    “A professional tester who embraces change, collaborates well with both technical and business people and understands the concept of using tests to document requirements and drive development.”- Lisa Crispin

    Approach agile testing with the right mindset. Enjoy working in the agile environment.

    Written by-Asiq Ahamed


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