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Agile Testing Tools

In this blog article, we have listed Agile Testing tools which are popular among experts.

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In this blog article, we have listed Agile Testing tools which are popular among experts. We, as a QA Company, use several software testing tools which help to achieve QA objectives and enable effective collaboration.


Developed by Atlassian, JIRA is both an Agile Testing and Project Management Tool. Generally developing products for project managers, software developers and the like, Atlassian Corporation Plc is a software company that has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and was founded in 2002.

  • It has the provision for being integrated with other developer tools so as to allow for an end to end traceability.
  • It is able to informed decisions along with planning and forecasting roadmaps.
  • Agile Methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, etc are supported by JIRA
  • JIRA has the provision to view a variety of reports with real-time team performance with its exceptional reporting feature.
  • JIRA Query Language can be used to create customized filters.


The Cucumber testing tool was developed on the basis of the Behavior Driven Development or BDD framework.

  • Initially implemented in Ruby and later on extended to the Java framework, they are both capable of supporting Junit.
  • Cucumber can be utilized to write acceptance tests for web applications.
  • There is a provision for automating functional validation using just plan and readable English sentences.
  • Cucumber also supports a host of other languages such as PHP, Perl, .Net, Python, etc.
  • It can be integrated with Capybara, Watir, Selenium and more.


Developed specifically for use in present technological circumstances, Zephyr is a real-time Test Management Tool that was designed specifically to adapt to the dynamic changes occurring in testing processes. Used for newly developed and complex business applications, it helps deliver high-quality products by efficiently managing all processes and tasks associated with the software testing life cycle.

Zephyr is compatible with methodologies such as V-Model, Waterfall, and others, apart from the agile methodology itself. Its ability to integrate with JIRA allows for the effortless management of testing activities. Tracking of project status and ensuring the delivery of high-quality products is made possible by the Zephyr add-in into JIRA.

  • Zephyr for JIRA has the provision for importing user stories as well as maintaining traceability.
  • Zephyr is integrated within JIRA as the look and feel of Zephyr bear close resemblance to that of JIRA.
  • Zephyr has the capability to integrate itself with Selenium, QTP, JIRA, Bamboo, etc.
  • Allows not only for the planning of test execution cycles but also the creation and modification of the test themselves.
  • The structure folder management architecture allows for the tests to be organized in such a way that they can be reused easily at any point.
  • It has the capability of assigning resources necessary for execution, building test cycles and also aligning sprint.
  • Zephyr facilitates the effortless tracking of quality metrics and the efficient execution of tests and storage of results.
  • A single view of all information on the project, sprint and release is provided by the Zephyr Enterprise.


Utilized as a test management tool for agile testing, PractiTest is simple to understand and learn as well as affordable and flexible, in terms of aiding both developers and testers. Along with being able to provide a detailed status of your project, PractiTest has the provision for requirements, results, issues, test runs, and reporting. Having control over each and every task, it is able to manage both the development and testing processes.

On a need-to-know basis, PractiTest is able to relay information to a range of stakeholders beginning from developers and testers to senior management and others. PractiTest is also able to display information in a number of different ways.

  • It has the capability of being integrated with other tools such as Jenkins, Selenium, TestComplete, JIRA and more.
  • In order to be able to manage and find information, it is based on a hierarchical tree structure.
  • Users of the tool have access to relevant as well as extremely accurate information through the powerful, customizable dashboard.
  • It facilitates the seamless importing of existing data.
  • It is able to generate complex database queries.
  • On the basis of sprints, it is able to create and organize manual tests.
  • It is proficient enough to create bugs precisely from the test run.


Owned by Gurock Software Company, TestRail was created to serve as a modern Agile Testing Tool. Having its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, Gurock Software which was founded in 2004, functions as a software development and QA firm. Gurock creates products that help build software, for their customers all over the globe.

At present, their products are used by some of the topmost technological organizations of our time including DELL, Intel, Oracle, Adobe, HP, Microsoft, and others. It is a web-based tool that is conventionally used by testing teams to supervise Agile Testing Efforts. Constructed particularly for being able to support agile project milestones, TestRail provides sprints, metrics and various reports to help do so.

  • It is capable of governing all Testing efforts including test cases, test runs, track test results, etc.
  • It is able to integrate seamlessly with other automation tools such as Selenium, Jenkins, and JIRA.
  • Its cloud edition allows for it to be used without the need for any installation or setup procedures.
  • On the basis of the filter, it has the capability to easily select test cases for execution as well as store the results, using a modern interface.
  • It keeps the user informed all through the testing cycle, with its various dashboard features, email notifications, and reports.
  • Apart from being able to integrate with automation tools, it can also be integrated with Github, Rally, TFS, FogBugz, Bugzilla and more.


Developed by SmartBear, SoapUI is an agile testing tool with an incredibly advanced REST and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Launched in 2009, SmartBear is a Software Information Technology Company having its headquarters in Boston, USA.

Used primarily for the functional testing of web services, SoapUI serves as a tool for web service development, the invoking of web services, etc. Test cases for web services can be effortlessly created using SoapUI. Equipped with a robust GUI, it is capable of executing testing and analyzing reports within the GUI itself.

  • It is an open source tool that is free to use.
  • It is able to support both SOAP web service functional testing as well as REST API functional testing.
  • It facilitates the creation and execution of functional, regression and load tests.
  • The drag and drop interface allows for the effortless creation of test cases.
  • Apart from being able to support all standard protocols it also provides complete and comprehensive test coverage.
  • SOAPUI supports data driven testing as well as multiple environments.


Launched in 2002, VersionOne, a tool used by fortune 100 companies for developing agile software solutions and services, was acquired by Collabnet Inc in 2017. Having its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, it also has other offices located in Amsterdam and Atlanta.

It serves as an agile testing and project management tool for the supporting of agile methodologies like Kanban XP, Lean, Scrum, and the like. The tool’s drag and drop interface provides a centralized view of the backlog.

  • It improves project visibility as it provides centralized project management.
  • It facilitates the handling of stories and epics across multiple project teams and projects.
  • Apart from the capability to provide a project with adequate visibility through the course of the entire lifecycle of the project, it is also able to effortlessly define and track delivery across all projects.
  • The drag and drop interface helps users to prioritize stories as well as defects.
  • It can be integrated with GitHub, TFS, Jenkins, JIRA, etc.

Selenium WebDriver

Extensively used across the software industry, Selenium WebDriver is an agile automation tool that is incredibly advantageous in the present context, in that it has the capability to run any project in the agile methodology as well as repeatedly run tests using automation.

Selenium WebDriver is used for web-based applications and most often in a range of agile projects, because of its provision for being able to incorporate the individual contributions of every team member, to the automation of the test cases.

  • It does not support desktop based applications and can only be used to automate browser-based applications.
  • It facilitates the seamless construction of keyword-driven frameworks.
  • Possessing the feature of Automating test cases allows it to simulate how an actual user will be able to interact with the application.
  • Automation scripts can be written in a range of programming languages such as C#, JAVA, Ruby, Python, and PHP.


Written using the JAVA programming language, Apache JMeter serves as an agile performance testing tool, to measure not just the performance of an application but also the functional behavior of that application under a definite load. It allows users to analyze the performance of an application by simulating a heavy load on the web server.

  • It is an open source tool.
  • It has the provision for performance measurement of applications under varying simulated loads, using graphical analysis.
  • JMeter has the capability of testing the Load and Performances of a range of different servers, applications, etc.
  • Data Analysis and visualization is supported by the extended plug-in feature.
  • It facilitates the performance measuring of static as well as dynamic resources such as Servlets, FTP servers, and Java Objects.


Developed for DevOps, QMetry is an Open Source agile testing tool that aids the agile team in building, managing and deploying software faster than any other tool. Features such as customized metrics, Continuous Integration, powerful test management and test automation mean that QMetry provides highly impressive agile solutions.

It’s plug-in for JIRA provides access JIRA users access to incredibly advanced test metrics and reports. It facilitates automation for Continuous Development as well as Continuous Integration. It also allows for the efficient conversion of the automated test results into detailed summary reports and high quality metrics.

  • It can be easily integrated with Rally, Bamboo, ALM, Selenium, VersionOne, etc.
  • The creation and organization of a large volume of user stories and test cases is made possible by its support of the agile testing methodology.
  • Its support for agile testing also enables complete coverage of test cycles, defect management, traceability as well as planning and execution of tests.
  • QMetry for JIRA was designed and constructed specifically for conducting test management activities for agile projects.
  • User stories can be linked to the scenarios using the drag and drop feature.
  • The progress on testing activities can be monitored using the customized dashboard as well as detailed analysis reports.


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