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Katalon Studio Review

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Katalon Studio Review - Blog
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The prospect of reviewing a new test automation tool is always an exciting one for any software testing company. Choosing the right tool for product testing for anyone in the software testing community becomes easier with the help of unbiased Test Automation Tool reviews by experienced test automation experts. In this blog, we look at each feature of Katalon Studio in detail.

The Installation Process

Click the link below and complete the Signup procedure to download Katalon Studio.

Installation is not needed. All you have to do is unzip the downloaded file in your desired location.

The Types of Applications that can be tested using Katalon

Web, Mobile apps & Web Service can be automated.

A Recommendation to the Katalon Team: Desktop App Automation Testing will increase the functionality of the tool.

Pricing for the Tool itself and Technical Support

While the tool itself costs nothing, the price for technical assistance is 249 USD per month

Type No. of accounts Pricing
Business Support 1 2500 USD per year
Enterprise Support 3 5000 USD per year

Custom Keyword Development

This is one of the most noteworthy features of the Katalon testing tool. The keyword can be created using Groovy scripting and can also be called at any point in the test flow.

There also exist a sufficient amount of additional built-in keywords.

Object Identification

? Nested Identification

All available locators can be used in Selenium. As shown below, any WebElement in Selenium can be identified using multiple levels of nested identification.

elemnt.findElement("codoid")).findElement("Test Company"));  

Katalon, however, only permits the use of 1 level of nested identification.

? Switching Frames and Browser Windows

? In order to switch frames, one has to first define a frame in Test Object with the Object Identification Details and then call the Switch to Frame keyword.

? Windows can be switched using Index, URL & Title.

Manual View & Script View

Manual View facilitates easy script development. The required keyword and test object for a test step can be selected in Manual View.

Katalon Studio Review By Codoid-Software Testing Company

You can view all the steps which are added in Manual View in Script View as well. This feature gives more flexibility to troubleshoot your scripts. And you can modify the scripts from Script View and the changes can be seen in Manual View.

One also has the capability of viewing all the steps that were added in Manual View, in Script View. This feature allows for more flexibility when it comes to troubleshooting scripts. There is also the provision for modifying scripts from Script View and observing the changes in Manual View.

Katalon Studio Review By Codoid Testing Company

A Recommendation to the Katalon Team: It would be better if the script view editor could highlight scripting errors instead of just underlining them.

Jira Integration

A Jira bug ticket can be created while troubleshooting failures from Katalon Test Reports.

Katalon Studio Review


Looping is an indispensable feature of any test automation framework. Katalon allows for the usage of For & While loops

The restriction of nested looping is a daunting task for any automation test. Katalon Studio is awarded a 5-star rating for enabling nested looping.

Katalon Studio Review

Conditional Statement

Similar to looping, Katalon also allows nested conditional statements. There is, however a disadvantage to using conditional statements in Katalon. In order to decide True & False statements, the outcome of a keyword call in a variable and input in the Conditional Statement need to be saved. This can prove to be a burdensome procedure.

A Recommendation to the Katalon Team: The enabling of keyword calls in Conditional Statements, in order to decide between the execution of True and False Statements would be a useful feature to have.

Hard and Soft Step

Assuming a mandatory test step has failed and you would like to halt the test execution, the failure handling in Katalon can be configured as shown below.

Test Automation Failure Handling

Object Spying

Katalon allows for the spying on of Web and Mobile Objects. The provision for Object Spying in a freeware test automation tool is a definite bonus for automation testers.

Katalon Studio supports spying AUT on IE, Chrome & Firefox browsers.


The following hooks which are executed before or after test case & test suite are supported by Katalon. Test case status, ID & variables can also be obtained inside these hooks.

  • Before & After Test Case
  • Before & After Test Suite
  • A Recommendation to the Katalon Team: The provision for Tag based hook calling would be beneficial.

    Git Integration

    The SCM feature is essential for automated script development as it permits the tracking of code changes while facilitating effective work coordination.

    The feature for Git Integration in Katalon Studio can be enabled from Preferences.

    Execution Video Recording

    Recorded test execution is a great reference material. Katalon has a video recorder which can be enabled for Passed or Failed test cases or both.

    The feature of recording test execution works great as reference material. The video recorder feature on Katalon can be enabled for either Passed or Failed test cases or even both.

    Test Automation Execution Recording

    Email Notification

    There exists on Katalon, a Template for receiving Email notifications. The content can be customized in accordance with changing requirements.

    Katalon Studio Email Notification

    Our Rating for Katalon Studio
    Katalon Studio Rating By Codoid


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