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Python Automation Testing for Beginners

In this blog article, you will learn how to start Python automation testing, what are all the tools required, and how to create a test automation career road-map.

Python Automation Testing for Beginners
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Python Automation testing is gaining popularity these days. As a test automation services company, we have setup a strong training plan to train our automation testers to learn automation testing using Python. In this blog article, you will learn how to start Python automation testing, what are all the tools required, and how to create a test automation career road-map.

Automation Scripting IDE

We use PyCharm Community Edition to create and manage automated test scripts. Download the latest version of PyCharm Community Edition and install. The installation is simple enough. The paid version of PyCharm has more features. However, the community edition is sufficient to build automation framework. There are a lot of good script editors in the market. However, nothing can compete with PyCharm.

Python Installation

When you are installing Python, make sure you select the stable version. Installing in Windows requires a lots of trail and error. First install the interpreter, then pip package, at last install virtualenv package. Use separate Python environment for automation testing. So that you can try new version of Python packages in other environment instead of corrupting the stable environment which is used for automation script execution. Read error messages if any when you are installing Python. You need to know how to setup Python Test Automation code base in other machine or Continuous Integration tool quickly.

Core Python

If you are being trained by someone, please be patient. Don’t rush them to cover Selenium and automation topics. Without Core Python knowledge, it is impossible to deliver high quality automation test scripts. As an automation testing company, we always ensure our automation testers’ scripting quality with a strict review process. Once you are familiar with Core Python, learn Data Structure and Python Algorithms. Never skip this step. If you want to excel in Python Test Automation career, learn how to apply algorithms in programming.

BDD Framework

Behave, Freshen, Radish and Lettuce are BDD frameworks for Python. However, the most popular one is Behave BDD framework. BDD framework enables effective collaboration in your team. Write BDD Scenarios with declarative steps rather than imperative. Tag the scenarios in order to select the tests for different execution types. Before using BDD Frameworks, learn BDD best practices for automation testing. Don’t write BDD scenarios without talking to business people.

Feature Template

Feature: [One line describing the story]
[Optional — Feature description]

Scenario: [One line describing the scenario]
Given [context]
And [some more context]…
When [event]
Then [outcome]
And [another outcome]…

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver has client library for Python. Learn the below Selenium concepts in order to become an automation tester:

  • Launching browser locally and remotely.
  • Desired Capabilities for various browsers.
  • Windows and frame handling.
  • Locators – XPath, CSS Selector, ID, Name, Class Name, and Link Text.
  • Selenium Wait Commands.
  • Mouse Hover, Drag & Drop, Double-click actions.
  • Selenium Exceptions.
  • Executing scripts on Cloud Platforms like (SauceLabs, BrowserStack, and Kobiton)
  • JavaScript Alert Handling.
  • Selenium Event Listeners.
  • Executing Selenium scripts from Maven.
  • JavaScript Executor Commands.
  • Selenium Grid.

Object Locating Techniques

As an automation testing services company, we have mitigated several failed automation testing projects. Most of them were failed due to object locators. If you don’t know how to construct XPath and CSS Selector to identify a webelement uniquely, then you can’t deliver quality automation test scripts. To avoid false positives, object locators should be robust enough. To expertise in object locating, create an HTML file with all available tags, apply styles to them, and embed JavaScript events. Once you are familiar with HTML and basics of CSS, you will get to know how XPath and CSS Selector work in Selenium WebDriver.

Page Object Pattern

Let’s say a step is repeated in multiple methods in a Step Definition file, then it will definitely increase script maintenance effort. Because a small change in the step needs update at multiple lines. When you use Page Object Pattern, you can define all the required objects and action methods in a class file. To create an automated test script, call the Page object methods. Consider an element’s ID is changed, now you need to make the change in Page Object Class not multiple steps in Step Definition.

Create a Base Page Object Class and write all the reusable wrapper methods like click, setValue, and selectDropdown. And then inherit the base class in all the page object classes. The advantage what we get from this approach is if Selenium or Appium release new functionalities which impact your scripts, then you will have to change only the base class not the other page object classes.


Behave creates Json report file for you. As a test automation engineer, you can understand what are passed and failed, However, you need to make the report visible and readable to your team. Use Report Portal, Allure Python Report, and Extent Report to create beautiful, interactive and detailed reports for your tests.

Continuous Integration

Once you are familiar with executing Python Test Automation scripts in command prompt, configuring and executing in Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins is a cake walk. Learn how to schedule Python automation testing execution and email the reports from a CI tool.

Career Road-map

After learning the basics of Python automation testing, start focusing on framework development and how to deliver high-quality scripts consistently. Continuous learning is must to stay long lasting in this career. Spend at least 30-60 mins everyday to learn new trends in software testing and automation testing. AI applications are getting released in the market. Learn how to write test cases for AI applications and think how to automate AI test cases.

In Conclusion

We, as an automation testing company, train the new recruits rigorously in Python Automation Testing to deliver high-quality automation scripts. If you are a recent graduate and passionate about test automation field, contact us for more details.


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