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Automation Testing

The Dos and Don’ts of Automation Testing

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Testing complicated software is a serious matter, not only from ensuring premium quality products to customers but also to maintain the existing products remain stable and free from errors. When beginning with test automation, it is necessary to focus on efficiency and frequent checks and these should be your major goals.

Dos and Don'ts of Automation Testing

Still, several test automation efforts varies from remaining efficient. Automation testing is a bonus for the IT industry since it affords a number of opportunities to developers and software testers. When performed right, it is possible for test automation to take software projects to a completely new level that bring more profit and respect for a company.

If testing is not implemented right or if a business fails to make use of the entire benefits of test automation, it would prove worthless to meet your requirement. We have listed some important do and don’ts that must remain foremost when planning test automation. In addition, these tips would provide more confidence to begin your test processes, even with an outsourced partner.

The Do’s of Test Automation

Breakdown the tests into independent and shorter scenariosIt would be simpler to find issues if you have a plan that has more specific and shorter scenarios. It is not recommended to test everything in the first test scenario. If you do so, troubleshooting becomes tough.

Select the tests that require automatingRemember each test is unique. Some tests remain challenging because of technology constraints and certain tests do not need frequent running. Therefore, select the test for which you need automating. Make sure to consider the ROI through the test automation process.

Start small and slowly develop test suites when you proceedWhen you start think carefully about what you need and what should go with the workflow of the project. Frequent changes are a given in any project, and hence it is not wise to waste time, money, and energy on developing things which would not be used or cannot be altered in the future. Think about developing the suite slowly as you go. Set priorities to get it right.

Make use of appropriate tools and employ professionalsEstablishing knowledge and skills within one’s own business remains important for accomplishing long term success. Therefore, only software testing professionals must be engaged for any kind of software testing.

The Don’ts of Test Automation

Do not begin to automate on the first dayEach project requires a certain amount of time for its requirements and design to stabilize. You must consider the effort put to develop the tests since the requirements change frequently – an important balance to focus on. Remain cautious in deciding whether is cost-effective to develop automated tests. A top class software testing company would be able to help and guide you appropriately.

Do not try to run everything at all timesRunning well is the clear goal of the test. When something is working fine, do not test it right at the beginning. It is recommended to test only the functionalities, since testing everything, would not be useful and would result in wasting time, money, effort, and other resources. If you are continuously running checks, make sure that their objectives are clear.

Do not automate entire manual testsManual testing occupies an important part in the software testing world even today. It helps in finding issues which would not be expected to persist. Ensure not to replace manual trials with the automated tests. Test automation is an addition, complementing manual testing.

Do not automate everythingWhen automating a specific test scenario, there must be a clear purpose and reason. It should offer some value to your existing software project. Start with the regular and repetitive tasks performed daily.

Do not ignore further developmentIt is necessary to prepare and develop test cases continuously for updated requirements. This helps to ensure that the software performs smoothly and there is maximum risk coverage.

In Conclusion

The mentioned tips are simple suggestions, which would help to strengthen the approach to conducting test automation. When performing automation testing, ensure it is implemented perfectly since an inefficient and unplanned process would not only be a waste of resources and time, but could also leave you vulnerable to risks and costly errors. Connect with us for all this and more.


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