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Codoid Software Testing Company is Recognized by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

Codoid Innovations has been recognized as the 'Best Company to Work With' in the Software Testing space by the leading B2B review and rating platform, Goodfirms.

Codoid Software Testing Company Is Recognized By Goodfirms As The Best Company To Work With Blog
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Software Testing is a crucial step in software development where the application or product is evaluated and verified meticulously against the set parameters to check its overall functionality. The aim of conducting software testing is to improve the product lifecycle and performance, in addition to bug prevention and minimizing development costs. Software testing companies carry out a diverse range of testing services, such as acceptance testing, performance testing, unit testing, regression testing, integration testing, functional testing, stress testing, and usability testing. During the testing process, quality assurance specialists test the software against different scenarios and real-world conditions to provide quick and effective feedback.

Top-rated and highly trusted B2B review and rating company, GoodFirms, has recently ranked Codoid Software Testing Company as a noteworthy company for its exceptional services in software testing and identifying it as the ‘Best Company to Work With.’ Established in 2012, Codoid is a top-notch Grade A Software Testing Solutions Company based in India and the US, offering a wide range of testing services, including automated and manual testing, application testing, analytics testing, accessibility testing, A.I. testing, agile testing, game testing, AR & VR testing, and much more. It also provides various development services and business intelligence services.

For 2023, Codoid Software Testing Company has Been Named as the Best Company to Work With by GoodFirms

If you want to launch a unique product or software tool free from bugs or any other bottlenecks, you should pinpoint your search to find top firms for Software Testing, such as Codoid Software Testing Company, known for its high-end proficiency and hands-on experience in testing a wide range of applications. Apart from holding expertise in software testing and mobile app development, the company has also built five exclusive products, Gyra, Fillo, VisGrid, WelDree, and Robotil, to simplify and streamline the testing process. All these achievements and high-quality services have enabled the company to earn the tag of ‘Best Company to Work With.’

Codoid Software Testing Company – Strengths and Vision

Codoid Software Testing Company is a leading software testing company founded in 2012 with a mission to become a valued contributor and pioneer in the software testing industry. The company offers end-to-end automation testing services to organizations, regardless of size and type, implementing the best practices and latest technologies.

“Today, we stand tall as a leading QA company that is laser-focused on offering truly end-to-end automation testing solutions that makes life easy for all our clients across the globe. Our expertise and experience across a wide range of industries have been instrumental in helping us cross boundaries to truly become a one-stop shop for any and all QA needs. Our mission helps us go beyond delivering top-notch software testing services, as our mission embodies what our visionary founders believe in,” says Codoid.

The company has carried out diverse testing services for various industry domains, such as mobile application testing for the telecom sector, course testing for the e-learning sector, regression testing for a logistics company, automation testing for the hospitality industry, and much more.

Ramchandar Review On Goodfirms

“We are elated to have been recognized as one of the ‘Best Companies to Work With’ by Goodfirms. We are always committed to catering to each and every one of our client’s needs. So we are extremely proud that our clients are happy with the services we’ve provided and are willing to recommend us. That by itself is the biggest recognition we can ever get. We stand out from our competition by helping our clients stand out from their competition,” says Ramchandar D, Head of Business Operations at Codoid.

A few customer reviews about the company.

Client Reviews About Codoid In Goodfirms

Why is Codoid Software Testing Company the Best Company to Work With?

One of the crucial factors that make any software testing company stand out from the rest is its innovative and comprehensive approach to unearthing hidden issues and bugs. Codoid has a dedicated team of expert software testers who strategize test plans, define the core issues, and offer optimal solutions without any compromise. The company also offers 24×7 customer support with maximum device coverage and a flexible engagement model.

GoodFirms believes that Codoid Software Testing Company is a highly trusted Quality Assurance partner and software testing specialist that has established its prominence in product development and service provider with more than a decade of experience in the industry.

Clients Which Codoid Worked With

About the “Best Company to Work With” Badge

“Best Company To Work With” is an exclusive program run by GoodFirms. All the companies recognized as the top performers via its Leaders Matrix program get a chance to claim their Badge, along with an exclusive article about the Company, and a supporting PR. Such recognition stands as a support to developing trust and authenticity within the B2B community. It also allows the participating companies to improve their ranking – ranks higher in the Leaders Matrix categories, and receive inbound backlinks from the GoodFirms LeadersRoundtable podcast campaign, with a certified Badge saying, “Best Company to work with.”

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a B2B review, and rating platform helping businesses accelerate their digital journey and maximize modern technology’s value. The company connects service providers with service seekers through a comprehensive and thoroughly researched fact-based list of the best services and solutions. Recognized as the most reliable source for the B2B market, GoodFirms has world-class experience with partners across the globe.


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