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Codoid Recognized as a Top QA and Software Testing Company in 2021

Codoid Recognized as a Top QA and Software Testing Company in 2021

As a software & QA testing company that has proved its worth by delivering upscale testing solutions to clients across the globe, we have now achieved yet another milestone. Codoid Innovations has been recognized by as a Top QA and Software Testing Company in 2021.

Our extensive experience in delivering full-cycle QA and testing services along with deep technology expertise enabled the company to hit the lists of the leading QA and software testing firms according to the prominent online analytics hubs.

Being featured among the leading software testing companies is a great honor for us. We promise to justify the trust placed in us by our clients and partners by being on the path of continuous improvement.

We have won various awards in the past and we believe that we will be winning many more awards in web and mobile app development in the near future. We strive not only with the aim of winning awards as here at Codoid Innovations, but we also strive to be a valuable contributor to the software testing community with our various innovations. is a brand-new research & analytics hub that compiles the lists of the leading software outsourcing companies in various categories based on the market research and the analysis of reviews.

Codoid has been recognized as one of ‘The Best Places to Work in India 2020’

Codoid has been recognized as one of ‘The Best Places to Work in India 2020’

Codoid has been recognized as one of ‘The Best Places to Work in India 2020’ by The Best Places to Work organization. So what is the mantra behind our success? Let’s find out!

The Quality we provide to our clients begins with the Quality work life that we create for our employees. Codoid strongly believes that a healthy and engaging work environment is the foundation for the success of any organization. This made it easier for Codoid to achieve this milestone as all the criterion that was expected from us were standard day to day procedures that were being followed in Codoid from Day 1.

Best Places to Work in India

Codoid has always thrived to be a standout in the arena and that cannot be achieved by following just the norms. The Codoid family being a very young team has always believed in hiring freshers. The energy the freshers bring to the table is tremendous and when that energy is paired with our training modules focusing on the most latest technologies in the market, we have a winning strategy in our hands.

Continuous learning is the key to being a pioneer and so an upskilling session focusing on the ever-growing technologies in the field is conducted every week. This has resulted in the employees learning what they will learn in about 5 years being with a different organization in just a couple of years being at Codoid. The best part is that it does not mean one would have to put in long hours during the 2 year time period with Codoid. Unlike most organizations, Codoid does not mandate work hours for each day but has flexible work hours with no micromanagement at any point. Ultimately, it is not about the number of hours worked but the scale of work that was completed. The results are something our employees never fail to nail.

To be the best at what we do, we hire the best with the best compensation and benefit plans in the industry. But Codoid understands that an employee has to be more than financially invested in the job and that is why our leadership focuses on building a team that feels and cares like family. Team building sessions like tea meets, team lunches, tech events, R&D workshops, and short vacations are planned every quarter to keep Codoidian’s engaged and enthusiastic.

The success of Codoid begins with the success of every individual working with us. That is why we show no bias to any of our employees on any grounds. If you have an idea, Codoid will always listen to it and give the attention it deserves. In the end, what matters more than the monetary benefit of a job is the sense of accomplishment, self-growth, and contribution that makes our employees feel valued.

Codoid has always promised peace of mind to our clients once they partner with us. We have been able to keep that promise by providing a quality work-life to all of our employees.