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GYRA – The Free Desktop Application Automation Testing Tool from Codoid

Gyra is a free Desktop Application Automation Testing Tool that is reliable, fast and has a Human-like Image Comparison feature.

GYRA Desktop Application Automation Testing Tool for Windows for Free
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Most of the Desktop Application Automation Testing Tools in the market today have numerous major issues that hinder the testing efforts of many. We were no different and faced issues such as poor reliability, limited language support, complicated setup process, slow execution, and lack of support for Windows 11. Being a pioneer in the software testing industry, we wanted to put a full stop to all such issues by developing a tool that would overcome all of these challenges. So we set our minds on it and now after a lot of research and hard work, we are proud to announce that we have launched a brand new Desktop Application Automation Testing Tool named GYRA.

Though there are a few paid tools that can get the job done when it comes to free automated testing tools for windows applications, there were no options without any major compromises. Our R&D team has put a lot of meticulous effort into developing Gyra to make it the go-to option for desktop application automation testing. Here’s a list of the benefits that no other free desktop application automation testing tool provides.

Features of Gyra

Gyra’s highlighted feature is its Human-like Image Comparison function which allows you to compare a screenshot from your test execution to the expected image or compare 2 images to find out the difference if any. You can either get a score that denotes the level of difference or even get a separate image that shows what the difference between the two images is.

  • As Gyra’s server is built using Rust, it functions with optimal memory management to achieve super-fast execution speeds.
  • Apart from speed, you can count on Gyra to deliver reliable results that are free from false positives and negatives.
  • You can use Gyra to automate desktop applications using Java on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 11.
  • The easy setup process helps you to start your desktop automation testing in no time.
    Have any doubts or issues? You can reach out to our support team and we will proactively work on resolving it as soon as possible.

The Reason Behind the Name

Our desktop application automation testing tool has been named after the world’s deadliest cat, the black-footed cat (Gyra). Despite it being a cool name, we must say that there is a specific reason why we chose the name GYRA. The Gyra cat is known for its speed and very high success rate in hunting. Since improving the speed and reliability of desktop application testing were also major goals we wanted to achieve by developing this tool, we thought the name would be apt. Now that GYRA has been launched, we will be using it to improve the quality of our desktop application testing services and hope that others in the community will also do the same.


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