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E-Learning Testing

ELearning Testing Strategies

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As digitisation pervades every sphere of our lives, it has also opened up new opportunities for students and educators in the education and corporate /training spaces. Electronic resources now form a large part of the process of learning and the transfer of knowledge and skills in schools, colleges, correspondence courses and distance learning as well as in workplaces. As such eLearning testing is now a vital requirement within the eLearning space. ELearning domain testing has become one of the most sought-after quality assurance or QA Services that software testing companies are called upon to provide today.

Why eLearning testing has become so important

Research shows us that the human mind is better able to absorb material that engages more than one sense. While it is only the teacher’s voice and letters/ numbers written on a board engages the visual and auditory faculties of students in a traditional setup, eLearning can do much more. The moving pictures, interactive learning sessions help to engage the brain more effectively and for longer, resulting in more effective learning. Hence it becomes vital for an eLearning testing service to determine the usability, efficacy and stability of any eLearning system or program to promote effective retention and recall. More and more educational institutions and corporate training systems, are incorporating technological aids into the curriculum.

ELearning testing strategies that QA companies use

A QA company will examine various aspects of an eLearning app or system. Testing involves much more than just proofreading the material and checking it for grammar, syntax and factual accuracy. The testing process will see how effectively the material/ curriculum has been covered, how easily accessible it is to students and educators and to employees and their trainers.

ELearning Testing Strategies

The most important thing for QA professionals to examine is learnability and whether course content needs tweaking to improve the framework of the program. Suggestions about best practices to help students retain learning more effectively may be made in the process. It isn’t enough to examine that the course material is covered. ELearning testing protocols will also examine the learning design to ensure that students /trainees receive information in the most engaging and interesting manner; for the most effective retention and recall.

It is also important to examine the visual design of an eLearning program. This is because aspects such as the use of colour, space, font, graphics and multimedia can enhance or detract from the efficacy of the eLearning process on the whole. The process of quality assurance will also examine the logical structure of the eLearning course. Ease of navigation, cross referencing, annotations, making content searchable, and overall consistency are vital aspects that software testing companies will examine.

Testers would also typically involve more than one set of parameters for testing and perform comprehensive checks and reviews to get the best results. Testers would also have to be vigilant about the stability and security of the program.

ELearning Testing Strategies

Any performance glitches, vulnerabilities to bugs and malfunctions would have to be identified and addressed. During eLearning domain testing, a QA company will examine now quick and responsive an eLearning website and will also check how well it works while on the Cloud. For instance, the operating system, devices and browsers used will all be tested to ensure compatibility.

ELearning testing can automate regression testing for quick feedback, identify and address performance bottlenecks. All of these can contribute vastly to the ultimate success of an eLearning program and to the success of all those who use and depend upon it! Connect with us to help us accelerate the success you so rightly deserve.


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