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Game Testing

Latest Mobile Gaming Trends

Many companies in the market offer game testing services to people. Such as the testing of the functional capacity of the gaming, which consists of graphics, movement controls, Gameplay issues, etc.

Latest Mobile Gaming Trends
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Mobile technology has taken our lives by storm, and the time people are spending on phones, especially for the non-violent content, is five times the past few years.

Although people are spending time on social media applications, the use of mobile gaming apps is increasing day by day. This is becoming one of the biggest industries in the market, earning billions of dollars.

Top Trends in Mobile Gaming

Every year a new array of trends in the mobile gaming industry is coming to the market. With the introduction of new devices and amazing features by mobile companies, the gaming industry is bringing new and improved trends to the mobile gaming platform. Some of the latest trends are listed and briefed below:

1. Rise of Mini-Games:

These are small games, which crop up in larger games and allow you are your friends to promote sharing and compete with one another. These kinds of games increase the engagement of people and their retention of gaming.

2. Mobile Games for all Ages:

Some of the mobile games are not restricted to any age, and people of all genders and ages can play it. As people from all the age groups are becoming more tech-savvy, they are also shifting towards playing games.

3. Rapidly Rising CPIs:

The cost associated with finding new players for mobile games who can generate more revenue is already high. The growing competition and the cost per install will keep increasing with time, and this will make it difficult even for the big franchises to find and retain players.

Mobile Game Testing

Mobile game testing is as important as it is necessary to test any device or its core software. The Quality Assurance engineer has to make sure that the game is clean, bug-free, up-to-date, and perfectly fits the requirements provided by the developers.

The QA engineers test the interface of the game from colors to effects and instructions and resolutions. Then comes the Graphic testing part through which a designer can easily tell whether the game was designed by a professional developer or an amateur one. After that, security, AI features, 3D, and other processes are tested.

In Conclusion

Codoid is a Game Testing Company that offers services in Gaming testing and ensures that your game performs well across all platforms. The Games Tester of Codoid is responsible for checking the game works correctly, and they can write accurate and detailed bug reports. The QA team of Codoid dive deep in to the whole testing procedure as the mobile apps developments are on the rise. Overall, the best thing about this platform is that they test apps on real phones and keeps accurate reports always ready.


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