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Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist

To perform mobile performance testing that consistently delivers an extraordinary app experience for your end-users.

Mobile App Performance Testing Checklist Codoid Blog
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Mobile app performance testing has become indispensable, and organizations need to test for it even if they don’t have a dedicated mobile application. Here are a couple of statistics to understand why this is so:

  • 30% of mobile phone users will switch to another app/website if they aren’t satisfied with the
  • but the other 70% will shift due to long load times of your app

To perform mobile performance testing that consistently delivers an extraordinary app experience for your end-users. Tick off every point below to stay on top of things with our ultimate checklist:

Position objectives with business goals and requirements by identifying which elements of the app drive positive metrics and experience.

Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your app’s performance and verify goals when initiating the testing like Average Request (AR) per second, AR Response Tim (RT), maximum RT, average throughput, error rate, etc.

Build a testing suite and work directly with the base codes so that you don’t overlook bugs or bottlenecks. Your developers will identify parts of your app that should be tested and also design your tests for a comprehensive understanding of the same.

Execute and prioritize test cases for every combination so that you can save time and costs. Use KPIs and behavioral analytics to determine these combinations.

Mobile traffic peaks during load testing will affect the entire application, and you should consult your team and check the analytics platform to make sure they correctly reflect the proportions of mobile and web users.

Your testing environment and end-user experience should be realistic by utilizing device simulations. Take into account parallel connections because mobile networks, devices, and applications enforce different policies wrt how many functions at a particular time. A customized user-agent header in your scripts ensures that the web/mobile server is transmitting the correct content to all the different devices.

Mobile phones access servers over third-party carrier networks, and this varies based on speed, latency, bandwidth, etc. Network virtualization will help imitate the network characteristics that mobile phones experience.

Mobile users could be accessing your application from various geographic locations. Depending on their location and connectivity, your users could experience multiple levels of performance. So based on historical data, your testers should run location-based load tests through the cloud system.

Record your test case scenarios from mobile devices to arrive at an accurate test result. This real-time recording when conducting mobile performance testing is essential when your web app can be recorded from the browser.

Engage end-user experience by testing on real devices and conduct load and functional testing on actual devices. Measure rendering time that you can correlate with backend times against the frontend of your app.

Testing in production is essential, and your test environment should resemble your production environment.

Today’s economy is driving people into becoming more dependent on their smartphones, so we shouldn’t skimp on mobile performance testing for our apps and websites. You should test your app/web performance for mobile user’s applications. Keep this checklist handy and have your testers adhere to it to deliver exceptional application performance successfully. Irrespective of your mobile user’s device, network condition, or location.

If you’d like assistance with your mobile performance testing strategies, don’t hesitate to hire a performance testing services company like Codoid. We can help you to decide which tools you’ll need to delight your users.


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