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How Do You Deal With Real-World Testing of Mobile Apps?

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How Do You Deal With Real-World Testing of Mobile Apps Codoid Blog
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Real World Testing of Mobile Apps

A newly developed mobile application needs to be tested on multiple devices and platforms. Nowadays, this testing is not enough.

If an company based out of Bangalore, India has developed a mobile gaming app and want to QA it on US network conditions, then the only option is to simulate the network conditions to know how your mobile app will function across different network environments.

Why Mobile Experience is critical?

$60 Billion revenue came through mobile apps in 2017 & projections show $190 Billion potential revenue through mobile apps by 2020

Increased competition demands customer mobile delight to exceed expectations

Behaviour of Repurchase, Recommend, Trust are 80% more likely with a great mobile CX, while there is only a 20% likelihood for poor mobile CX

Why testing real user conditions is important?

  • 1. Application flaws & performance blind spots are exposed before release
  • 2. Real world Mobile-User expectations are met across multiple mobile devices
  • 3. Increase adoption of new features/products
  • 4. Outcomes are assured for the business

How can BrowserStack help?

BrowserStack’s features that you can leverage:

  • 1. Network Simulation Testing
  • 2. Device Coverage over cloud across 500+ real physical iOS, Android devices
  • 3. GPS location testing
  • 4. IP based Geo-location testing
  • 5. App Profiling
  • 6. Localization


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