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Performance Testing

Performance Testing – An Overview

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With practically all aspects of business now becoming digitised, there is a significant reliance on software programs, applications and systems. The streamlining and efficiency of business operations today rely heavily on smooth, seamless and glitch free performance of the software that they use. This makes load testing and performance testing vitally important processes for any business now.

Companies that are conscientious about quality assurance practices now choose QA outsourcing to ensure that they save time, resources and man hours that they would otherwise fritter away because of inadequately tested or unstable software.

What is performance testing?

When a load testing company is called upon to do this type of testing, what exactly does this mean? Here, the software testing company will examine the system’s ability to bear added workload during busier times and ability to handle multiplicity of transactions vis-à-vis response time, system stability, speed and scalability. Stress or fatigue testing is another part of the load testing process. It examines what happens when the system is put under the stress of work overload outside the usual parameters of usual working conditions. The point of failure and ability to recover from a crash are other aspects that testers will check.

A QA company will undertake spike testing and endurance testing to see how the system holds up when there is a sudden and large surge in workload as well as when the system is kept operational for extended periods of time. Testers will also look for any memory leaks that could impair performance. Scalability and volume testing are other testing modalities that companies offering QA services use for comprehensive testing.

Importance of performance testing

Load testing and testing various aspects of software for performance is vital for a number of reasons. It helps to identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the system, which in turn will help prevent breakdowns and crashes while keeping the system safe from attack. Testers will identify performance problems or flaws that could cause the software to lag or malfunction and will also ensure that the system meets specifications. Hence a load testing service provider can help to streamline operations and reduce downtime; which can have the positive end result of reducing waste in terms of productivity, time and money.

The quality of the app here could literally mean the difference between a sale made or a sale lost. A slow, glitch or clumsily designed app could confuse or irritate a user, causing them to abandon their cart; turning to another online store with a better, faster, more attractive app! If, as an online retailer, you are wondering whether software testing is worth your while, consider some of these statistics: if it takes more than about three seconds for a website to load, over half of the customers – as many as 57% – will leave the website.

A delay of even one second, a glitch, or an unresponsive app lowers conversion rates. People simply don’t have the time and patience to wait for slow or heavy app that is clunky when moving between the different pages of a website. Customers today have so many other options that you want to ensure that you offer your customers a positive enough experience to make them want to stay with you!

Performance Testing Overview

From the foregoing, the vital role that performance and load testing play in the working of a business – in terms of both operations and profitability; becomes obvious. Engaging the services of a qualified QA company with an experienced, top notch team can be something that pays for itself in the long term – which is why do connect with us now.


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