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7 Must Ask Questions in Selecting a Software Testing Partner

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Organizations embarking on software development projects often seek software testing and QA partners in order to ensure the successful completion of their projects. As such, it is pertinent to get detailed information about possible partners and finally select the most suitable partner based on the requirements of the project.

Before making the final choice of a partner, it is important for an organization to ask a few crucial questions to gauging the ability of the partner to meet delivery timelines. The top seven must ask questions that can facilitate an organization in selecting the best software testing company are listed below.

Selecting a Software Testing Partner

Is the Software Testing Company Aware of Latest Software Technologies and Testing Practices? To assess the professional expertise of a software testing and QA partner, an organization should check whether the company is current with software technologies and testing practices. Ideally, the partner’s sphere of knowledge should range from data testing associated with ‘decision science’ to conducting integration tests in the API ecosystem. The partner should also have expert developers, testers, QA specialists, and project managers well-suited to the needs of the project.

Does the Partner Understand the Requirements of the Project? The outsourcing company being considered for partnership should have a clear understanding of the project requirements required by the company. The partner should have comprehensive awareness about the business goals, budget, delivery timeline, and market objectives of the organization. Generally, to communicate their understanding of the project, companies use words like prototypes, proof of concepts, wireframes, and minimum viable products (MVPs).

What Software Testing Processes does the Partner Follow to Ensure Quality? An organization looking for good software testing and QA partner should ensure that the partner uses reliable and repeatable testing processes that guarantee consistency and quality control. Most of the top software testing companies follow industry-leading practices and give details of the software testing processes they would follow for a project. They also specifically touch upon aspects like Agile processes, iterations, user research, logging, QA/testing, and scope management.

Does the Partner Support Change in Quality Assurance?It is essential for an organization to find out whether the testing and QA Company it plans to partner with, supports change in Quality Assurance. With QA gaining immense importance in recent times, a partner QA services should be upbeat about innovation and should be an advocate for change. In that regard, the testing and software testing partner should be able to ensure the implementation of best practices for risk management and should have expertise in risk mitigation.

Can the Partner Accelerate QA/Testing Processes to Help Meet Time to Market?Since an organization is greatly focused on the time to market for its software product, it should seek assurance from the testing and QA partner that needless excessive testing would be avoided so that the delivery of the product is not affected.

The best QA companies are capable of moving the QA/testing processes at a rapid pace based on the requirements, purpose, and budget of testing. They can deploy manual and automated testing resources in a strategic manner, thereby ensuring the execution of quick and efficient fixes, and speedy delivery of a high-quality product.

Selecting a Software Testing Partner

Does the Partner Agree to Outcome-based Payments?An increasing number of testing/QA outsourcing contracts now include SLA’s or involve outcome-based payments. Given the fact that the key objectives behind testing and QA include the mitigation of risk in software development, high quality of software and on-time delivery, software testing companies are expected to be accountable for their work. Therefore, an organization planning to collaborate with a QA and testing company should check that the company has the ability to do what it claims and can deliver measurable results. A meticulously and clearly written out SLA is extremely critical, and any top QA company would insist on putting it in place.

What Experience does the Partner have of Managing Similar Projects?Before asking the software testing partner to work on a particular project, an organization should carry out research about the technologies and approaches being used in the market for similar projects. Subsequently, the organization should check with a prospective partner about the projects it has undertaken in the past. To gain confidence in the partner, an organization should ask questions about the clients and industries served previously, technologies used in previous projects, features delivered, and overall results accomplished.

In Conclusion:

To conclude, it is evident that the testing of software merely for the purpose of testing underscores a futile effort. Thus, it is imperative that an organization working on a software development project asks the right questions to its possible partners for QA and testing, and ensures that the answers are compatible with its best interests. Ultimately, the chosen partner should fit the organization’s unique needs and enhance the chances of success of its software development project. To work with a vendor partner of your choice and requirements, connect with us now.


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