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How to choose a partner for QA Automation Outsourcing?

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How to choose a partner for QA Automation Outsourcing Codoid Blog
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Now that you have decided to outsource the automation and QA testing services, and also have a clear strategy in terms of the tests that need automation, it is time to choose the best from the many QA companies out there. Selection of the top partner may seem daunting, and so we bring you a checklist that will make it easier for you to decide. We believe the top criteria for the company you select – constantly innovating and researching, focuses on testing new tools in order to enhance their offering, has in-depth experience, and is abreast with industry-standard technologies and frameworks.

The best software testing companies / best QA companies would focus on the following parameters:

Software Testing Expertise

A team consisting of the crème of specialized professionals and focused experienced in software testing services.

The company ‘resume’

The vision, mission, goals, customer orientation, proficiency, and clientele – all factors must point towards a well-established company with a solid market reputation.

Adding Value

Choose a company focused on building long-term partnerships with their clients. Such QA companies would be determined to consistently provide great service and be a value added partner to enhance the business of their customers. A high quality QA company will provide work guarantee, which will display their confidence in the superiority and deliverance of their services.

How to choose a QA Company

Scalability and Adaptability

Before you choose ensure that the company is adept to handle fluctuations, adhere to stringent timelines, is flexible enough to incorporate any changes to technology, handle pilot projects, and deal with any sudden changes in testing requirements.

Highly Secure Environment

Ensure that the company offers the highest security on all levels (physical, network, database, adhoc, intellectual property, and PII) and has a reputation for protecting the highly critical data of your business.

Regular and Transparent Communication

QA Outsourcing

This is a parameter that will allow you to judge the trustworthiness of the company. The company would provide a dedicated point of contact – a person who would be proficient in handling the project and managing any issues

and queries you may have, to ensure the success of the project. In addition, they would have robust communication systems within their office premises to ensure uninterrupted contact. Ensure that the vendor is highly responsive and provides effective responses.

High Quality Testing Infrastructure

This is essential to support the testing of your product. Ensure the QA company you choose, has certified procedures and testing scenarios, the required software and hardware, adequate testing tools and operating systems, and other necessary requirements.

Robust Documentation Process

The vendor must have a fool-proof system in place to manage, access, and securely store all the documentation with regard to tests – cases, plans, scenarios, reports, and results.

Cost Effectiveness

The best software testing company will be the ideal partner in terms of costing as well – high return on investment through holistic value addition.


Almost every software project will require testing, and companies usually need to outsource testing services to a company specializing in this realm. It is important that the QA company chosen, for Automation Testing Services will bring about elevated levels of quality at a competitive cost, while allowing their client to focus on its core business. While there are several vendors in the market today, choosing the best software testing company is critical. Connect with us to know how we match and exceed all the critical to success parameters.


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