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About Selenium

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Learning new things about Selenium is an excitement for every automation tester. However, knowing the past and understanding architecture about Selenium & its supporting tools is also equally important.

Selenium History

Jason Huggins developed Selenium Core in the year 2004 to test ThoughtWorks’ internal application and he named it as JavaScript Test Runner.

Selenium History

What is Selenium RC

After seeing multi browsers and platforms test automation demo using Selenium Core, Paul Hammant developed Selenium Remote Control (RC) to over come Same Origin Policy for Java language.

Selenium RC had two components – one is Selenium Server and another one is client binding for respective programming language. Once you start the server, you can send Selenium Core commands using your client library.

Note: Selenium RC became obsolete in Selenium 3.0

Why are we using WebDriver commands instead of Selenium Core? Selenium Core injects JavaScript functions and executes the Selenese commands using the browser’s built-in JavaScript interpreter. Injecting JavaScript doesn’t provide emulation. We need to test an application as same as how user interacts with it.

How does the Selenium WebDriver work?

WebDriver does not rely on JavaScript. Simon Stewart created WebDriver. WebDriver has its own driver implementation for each browser, the drivers interact with Browser API instead of injecting JavaScript to drive browsers from the user’s point of view.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid was developed by Philippe Hanrigou.

Grid allows you to :

  • scale by distributing tests on several machines ( parallel execution )
  • manage multiple environments from a central point, making it easy to run the tests against a vast combination of browsers / OS.
  • minimize the maintenance time for the grid by allowing you to implement custom hooks to leverage virtual infrastructure for instance.
  • We have rendered our noteworthy contribution to the Selenium Community in the form of our Freeware product VisGrid which is a GUI Selenium Grid. It is created by one of our test automation architects.


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