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Preventing Automated Test Scripts Ordeals

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Unnecessary and obsolete tests can prove to be a major hindrance if not managed. This is one of the top challenges in test coverage – system verification test suites must not be ‘overburdened’ by ‘old tests’. Such automated tests tend to get bundled up in the system, becoming inconspicuous but existing in the system.

Automated Test Scripts

In manual test operations, continuous review of testers from automation testing companies quickly discards old test cases. Test script mistakes and problems are bound to happen, and it is necessary for businesses to accept and learn from them. A top automation testing company can help make quality a culture and a team effort, and ensure that the right amount of planning goes in before making a decision with regard to test scripts.

Automation testing and test automation tools, responsible for generating test scripts by recording GUI action and processes, seem to have heightened the problem with test script management. Even though these are touted as mechanisms for quick and accurate test script generation, the code actually requires changes prior any suitable and helpful testing can happen. This actually uses up maintenance sources that should have been freed up and if this process is consistently used, test script and recording persons can actually create inflexible and practically useless test scripts that can accumulate / bundle up in a short timeframe. It becomes even more necessary to use a reputed test automation company, who will honestly guide your business towards profitability.

What the non-experts of Test Automation will Say/Do

The inexperienced personnel managing test automation will usually make the same blunders. Using the output of an auto-generating test tool, they would combine it with test scripts developed by code developers, and to this they would add test scripts by QA engineers and functional changes from bug fixes – leading to test scripts that quickly move from being uncontrollable to obsolete.

What should be done for Automated Test Scripts?

The experts will tell you that the maintenance of automated test scripts is not only necessary but absolutely critical. Test automation scripts that are written for stable code are usually not reviewed, and if reviewed, it is very rare. This leaves the test scripts ‘vulnerable’ and open to unseen and unexpected issues, especially when the code function is changed, which modifies the operation of a tested feature.

With the change of code, but no change to the test scripts, there will be false positives. A deal of consideration is therefore necessary to know which tests need automation and which must absolutely not be automated. Automation runs well with functions and features least likely to change, but still need maintenance and a ‘watchful eye’. When erroneous signals begin, they obstruct the results review process, making consistent examination necessary to ascertain that the ‘flags’ are actually from false tests.

Test automation scripts

The experts will tell you that these so called errors if left unattended could actually bring down the entire automated test process. When companies invest money and their resources, test automation should make sense for them, and a clogged system rife with useless tests is certainly not what they require. Automation is a highly effective and useful verification tool, and hence businesses must trust only the very best QA companies, with a sound reputation.

When you partner with an experienced test automation services company, they would include test script maintenance in the initial stages of the plans formulated for any test automation project. This would mean including the cost in terms of resources required, and the amount of time required – clearly mentioned in the plan. This plan for the test scripts maintenance must be agreed and accepted by all the stakeholders, including the company management, the developers of the product, the QA persons, and others – this keeps the process transparent and informative.

An effective automated test script maintenance strategy is one that keeps the validity and novelty of the range of test scripts. This is possible when there is meticulous documentation, with entry and exit criteria clearly mentioned for both automated and manual tests. Structured reporting and documentation will keep the process disciplined, streamlined, and specific. The review of automated scripts will be thorough, whilst managing a parallel review of the manual tests.

The creation of tests must have a sound basis for why they are required, and when they would be implemented. This should include the criteria for ‘retiring’ tests – given the emphasis on creation of tests, doing away with unrequired ones is also a critical function since it would ensure that ‘retired’ test suites do not become unwieldy and out of control.

Automated Test scripts

Another important and fast growing set of test suites are regression tests. The experts will know that culling obsolete test scripts will keep regression suites under check. While some may say that regression testing everything is a good idea, test automation experts will tell you that this is not scalable and will undermine the efforts of automated testing.

In Conclusion:

The fact is that test script maintenance saves time and depending on the outlook of a company this could be the responsibility of the product developers – but requires team effort. Rather than spending time, effort, and human resources internally, it is better to outsource the critical task of QA automation to a reliable and reputed firm, dedicated to such services. This would deliver stability, quality, and timeliness to all projects and products. Such a company will ensure targeting tests that would offer the maximum value for the product. Connect with us to gain a lot more for your products and business – we drive the strategies of what to automate, and choosing the top most testing solutions your product would require.


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