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Benefits of Testing Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Testing mobile apps in the cloud is a boon for software testing community. However, in some cases, you cannot test it in the cloud.

Benefits of Testing Mobile Apps in the Cloud
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Testing mobile apps on real devices is a must. However, managing and procuring the required number of devices as and when need arises is a cumbersome task. At those instances cloud testing becomes imperative which reduces cost and mobile device management effort. In some cases you cannot use cloud real devices for mobile app testing. Let’s see the benefits of cloud testing first and analyse when cloud testing option is not feasible.

Testing on multiple versions

As a mobile app tester, if you need to complete the regression testing on multiple Android and IOS versions, then you will have to search and prepare the required real devices to kick start your test activities. If any of your devices does not have enough battery power backup, then you need to put the device on charger before commencing the testing. Leave the mobile device management worries to Cloud Testing Platform provider and concentrate on how to test your mobile app effectively. Your team waits for your regression testing feedback. You cannot say that “The devices are getting ready for testing”. If you have cloud testing platform account like BrowserStack/SauceLabs, you can access any devices instantly.

Logs to Track App Crash & Failures

While performing mobile app testing manually using in-house real devices, you cannot track what action has triggered a particular failure. On the other hand if you do testing on cloud device, all your actions will be stored on the cloud test log and you can perform the scenario again to reproduce the failure.

Testing in different network conditions

As a mobile app testing service company, we recommend testing your mobile apps in real world network conditions. Nowadays, every company has a good wired internet connectivity and in-house Wifi setup. Certifying and testing mobile apps using development center Wifi is a bad idea. Our recommendation is test using different network conditions like 2G,3G & 4G and see how your application is behaving. Now, the problem is changing the bandwidth and network settings for each mobile devices is a tedious task. If it is in cloud, you can launch the desired device in one click with the pre-configured settings.

Eases Automation Test Suite Execution

Once you have automated your mobile app test cases, it should be executed as often as possible to reap benefits from automation testing. Again searching for devices and putting them on charger before test automation execution is a cumbersome task. Get any real device instantly from cloud and start the execution. That’s it. In the cloud platform, all the automation executions are recorded. You can playback them anytime for troubleshooting the failures. As a test automation services company, we use BrowserStack and Kobiton to execute automation test scripts in cloud.

Enables Geolocation Testing

As an outsourcing QA company, most of the times, we have been asked to test mobile apps in different geolocation. It is impossible to travel each country or state to conclude the testing. In cloud, you can change GPS location for a real device in order to test location based test scenarios. If your team is developing a mobile app from India for US customers, then test the app using US Geo-locations before releasing to market. However, not all apps require Geolocation testing. Say for instant , If a mobile app accesses current location and shows results based on it, then Geoloation testing is the ideal choice.

In Conclusion

Testing mobile apps in the cloud is a boon for software testing community. However, in some cases, you cannot test it in the cloud. For example: if you need to test the mobile app using two different SIM cards or you want to test ANDSF implementation for a service provider or testing blue-tooth connectivity with IoT device, then cloud testing is ruled out. Contact us for your mobile app testing needs.


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