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Prerequisite of setting up Automation CoE

Prerequisite of setting up Automation CoE

The decision of setting up Automation CoE has to come from QA head of a software testing company and he/she should have a compelling need to setup this Organization.

Discussion with different Business Units to understand the landscape of Applications, life span of Application in-scope, different technologies involved, current QA tool stacks, how much of automation is achieved till date and how much it is benefiting to them in the current state and future benefits prediction has to be analyzed.

If we have this details in place, it would help us to quantify the amount and nature of work involved and help in analyzing the ACoE (Automation Center of Excellence) team size.

The above requirement would be for Product based companies. If it is a service-based company, below are the requirement to setup ACoE team.

1. Collate the history of at-least 1 year on overall Automation requirements from Customer

2. Nature of Customer and their maturity level in Automation

3. Level of interest in Automation and Automation investment criteria

4. Nature of projects like Staff Aug,

5. Type of requirements they have

Could be identifying opportunity within Customer Organization

Tool and Framework assessment

Training activities

This will give us an insight on how to start an ACoE team from the service companies perspective.


Since we are in the world of digitalization, there is always a great demand for Automation in the future beyond traditional Automation. We should prepare ourselves for such changes that the industry is undergoing and flow with the tide. The expectation from such Center of Excellence is also growing and we should prepare ourselves for these changes.